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Welcome to Jesus House Calgary

Welcome to the Daughters of Zion group!!

This is the good women's arm of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House Calgary.  Daughters of Zion ministry has been established to meet the needs of women and to help us focus on God in all spheres of life, regardless of the challenges we are facing. We exist to support women to fulfill their God given potentials and empower them to fulfill their purpose. Our mandate is to empower and edify the women in the church and every woman who comes our way in our community. We strive to be women of influence, spiritually, physically, emotionally, career-wise, and a virtuous woman who is the crown of her husband. Through prayers, counselling sessions, learning, sharing sessions, we are strategically positioned to train our women to be a blessing in their homes, family, workplace, ministry, and nation at large. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we desire to create a fellowship of women who serve one another with compassion and love each other with a spirit of grace and forgiveness We seek to serve women, both locally and internationally, with love and grace.

Welcome to the Daughters of zion group

With the help of God, our women will not only be the blessed mother of their children, but they will also be called blessed, wherever they go. Our monthly meetings are held every 3rd friday of the month from 6pm, venue will be announced. it’s always a time of refreshing, spiritual uplifting, and interactive learning sessions. During the meeting we learn a variety of skills through our seasoned professionals, which are but not limited to:

  • Home Management
  • Managing finances in the home
  • Time Management
  • Meal preparations
  • Women’s Health
  • Home decoration
  • Child care and training
  • Love and unity in marriage
  • Career goals and personal development.

Please make plans to attend.

Welcome to the Daughters of zion group

We also have a monthly contribution of 10 cad to enable us to offer support for the fellowship,our programs, and our women as required. Every year, we celebrate our women week/conference, where we learn about practical Christian living through various activities like outreaches, community engagements, and volunteering. We pray that as you join this women’s fold, the good Lord will perfect all concerning you in Jesus’ name.Amen.

Once again, you are welcome!!!!