In our society today, some people feel they are not welcome in churches and not accepted by other Christians. Some feel that their talents are being wasted, not acknowledged, recognized and/or supported.

Instead of the houses of God feeling welcoming and God’s people providing a shoulder for the weary, they appeared somewhat distant or judgmental of God’s creations. God has called us at Jesus House Calgary to fulfil the scripture according to Matthew 25:35-36.

JHC is truly Jesus’ House where we will receive everyone with warmth and open arms, visit you, be there for you, support you with every ability God has given us, as well as encourage you to live out your full God given potential in whatever capacity and in whichever area of ministry you choose to serve, if you so desire.

This is what Jesus would have us do. This is what inspires and motivates us each and every day.

Come…it does not matter who you are, what you believe, how you feel…just come.
We love you!